It all started with a vision for a way to utilize the land where we could enhance the natural beauty, while creating a family business that we could work hard at and enjoy the fruits of our labor. After settling into our home on the 4o acre site in North Texas, we decided to purchase 2500 grapevines. The front portion of the property provided a natural tiered landscape that seemed to suit the grapevines well. With the help of friends, we planted in May of 2015. Well, first, the guys actually dug the trenches for the plants. Next, the posts were set and finally the grapevines were planted! The rainy season we had that year actually proved to be beneficial for the young plants despite the muddy mess!

We planted four different varieties adaptive to the Texas climate and soil- they include Tempranillo, Black Spanish, Viognier and Garnacha! Since then, much TLC has been given to each plant and watching them grow and mature has been exciting. We are now in our 4th leaf (4th year) and plan on a large harvest this year!

The future is bright for the vineyard and the journey ahead exciting!

The barn has already been a great place to host parties and events and we look forward to sharing the vineyard with you during events, as a Founder’s member, for your wedding, reception or special event!

Just north of Dallas, BarnHill Vineyard’s unique setting is conveniently located near McKinney. So much Country, so close to home.