BarnHill Wine Club

At BarnHill, we are family and we would love for you to become part of ours. Our memberships are doorways to quieter times and a place to call your own, a place to be proud to bring friends and relax. We believe in value and have created a place that can’t be compared with others because there is nothing else like it! Spend more time here and watch your mindset change, your cares drift away into great sunsets as you enjoy more of this life in the country.

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Your Benefits

  • $40 joining fee (non-refundable if cancelled)

  • BarnHill Texas wines offered to wine club members at 15% of retail price for their wine club pick up portion

  • 15% off 4 bottles of wine for quarterly pick up parties (Take home only). Choose your wines!

  • 10% discount on all wines and store merchandise anytime.

  • Four wine club pick up parties per year

  • Membership only nights a minimum or two nights/days per month (once we get a critical mass of members)

  • Option to purchase new wines introduced before released to public • Periodic emails informing you of special discounts to select winery events, club events and activity.

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