My Farm Cooperative

BarnHill has a vision of a membership that will be vastly different than any other Vineyard membership we know of. We want to know if you are interested!!! This membership will be limited to 50 families at least for the first two years.

A BarnHill My Farm member would have many benefits!

Time in the Country - We believe that time spent on your farm with family and friends will be your biggest membership benefit! With our beautiful barn as a centerpiece, our large vineyard, rows of trees, a long creek, ponds, and yes miniature donkeys and three beautiful horses to enjoy; you will have countless places to picnic, enjoy long walks on wide trails, watch incredible sunsets, campfires under wide open starry skies and just unwind as you get away from all that concrete in the city and the crowds.

All this is just 15 minutes northeast of downtown Mckinney where you can compliment your day at BarnHill by starting there for breakfast or lunch, or finishing the day at Texas’ most beautiful and vibrant historic downtown!

There is simply nothing like this so close yet so deep in the country!

Vineyard/Wines - BarnHill has a large established 5th leaf (5th year) vineyard (2,500 vines) with Tempranillo, Garnacha, Viogner, and Black Spanish grapes to round out a balanced amount of varietles. We are working with the most seasoned and experienced wine makers in the state of Texas to ensure fantastic Texas wines! You will enjoy our highest level of wine membership as a My Farm member.

Honey - we will work with a local beekeeper and will have hives onsite so that your honey takes on the flavor of the items in the near proximity. The more fruit and flowering plants, the better tasting honey!!!!

Earth Friendly vegetable garden - you and your other My Farm Members will decide what we plant and we will all share in the harvests!! Our plan would be to supply you with enough vegetables for 60% plus of your consumption for at least 8 months of the year! This will obviously be one large vegetable garden!

Possibilities - As we see interest we could add farm fresh free eggs, cage free chickens, and grass fed beef


Cooperative Includes

  • 4 bottles of wine per month. (premiums extra)

  • Access to your 40 acre property - Thursday - Sunday

  • 15% discount on all other purchases, First opportunity to buy newly introduced wines with our wine club members
    First chance at all public events. You can bring as many guests as you like during public events (at your discounted price) and 4 guests per visit on non-public days. We just ask that you only bring the same people once per month. BarnHill reserves the right to have private events and block days and/or times as needed.

  • A row of vines named after your family

Cooperative Costs

*Membership has a $200 initiation fee and is $390 per month.
Email to learn more.