As native Texans, we moved to the McKinney area 17 years ago, where we raised our 2 daughters. While we love the people and small town community in North Texas, we had a vision of more space for grandkids to roam and play while we created our plans for the future. We couldn’t think of a better way to share our special place with others! We built a house on site and from there decided to expand the opportunties that our land had to offer. The rustic barn is a one of a kind in this area and serves well as a unique entertainment venue. Through lots of thoughts and prayers we decided to venture down the road of becoming a vineyard. Mother Nature was gracious with an abundance of rainfall the first year! We saw a vision of expanding opportunities to include small events such as outdoor weddings. We are simply geniune small town people that love sharing a piece of our special place in the beauty and wonder of God’s creation!